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Starter Auto Parts

CARQUEST of Saline: Buy A Starter

A starter system consists of the motor, solenoid, and battery. At CARQUEST of Saline we understand these vital components are the key to starting any engine. The starter's solenoid transfers battery power to the starter motor. This provides power to the starter gear and allows it to mesh with the gear teeth of the engine's flywheel, "turning over an engine". When we start a car we trust the starter's powerful electric motor to crank the engine flawlessly every time. From time to time, even the best-maintained cars and trucks need starter repairs.

Get a new starter at CARQUEST of Saline manufactured under the highest ISO Quality Standards to ensure top quality on your next starter repair or replacement. Select a starter with all the engineering enhancements needed to keep the sophisticated computer and electronic systems working perfectly. When you buy a starter at CARQUEST of Saline rest assured that key components are lubricated to help with long term durability under high heat and friction. Starter manufacturers computer test solenoid contact life, coil balance, and pull strength. Ask CARQUEST of Saline about buying the right starter for your car to ensure all measurements and key mounting surfaces, and contact points fit properly. Call today! 734-429-2507




Very kind and helpful when I needed a part


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